ICAM Features

ICAM is a web-based solution that implements internal controls as required by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. ICAM is a highly effective solution that can be used with your existing supervisory controls and allows them to be managed from any location in the world that has Internet access.

ICAM Highlights

  • Web-based implementation of internal controls for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.
  • Save time and money by eliminating the duplication of supervisory and SOX controls – one control covers both requirements.
  • Easy deployment to meet compliance schedules and timelines.
  • Minimal impact on existing business processes for seamless integration and minimal retraining.
  • Easy to configure, use and maintain.
  • Multiple level role-based assignments allow managers to sign off on each with optional review task that can be rolled-up for certification.
  • Audit trails track changes made to data to aid in review and certification.
  • Access security, data level audit trails and e-signatures aid certification of internal controls by management as well as external auditors.

Defines Organisation structures

  • Main organisational structure can be automatically synchronised overnight via standard interface.
  • Employee changes can be automatically synchronised overnight via standard interface.
  • Enables definition of Reporting Structures, Risk Hierarchies and alternate structures.
  • Execution Schedules automatically morph with the update of the structure.
  • Execution Schedules automatically morph with the changes of employees.
  • No additional control definitions changes are required (minimising administration overhead).
  • No dedicated person required for signoff one will be automatically assigned.

Segregation of Duties

  • Set by default for a control.
  • Manual override possible. Specialised report for overridden controls and task assignme.
  • Primary objective is the prevention of fraud and errors
  • Enables management oversight of duties.

Structure based Scheduling / ICAM Pyramid Zone based Assignments

  • Scheduling will only create task assignments based on the latest structure.
  • Automatically takes into account changes of employees.
  • Automatically takes into account changes of structure.
  • Automatically taskes into account chain defintions.
  • No additional control defintions changes.

Web Based System Administration

  • Provides web based access to administration functions such as application configuration, user privileges, control template definitions, role assignments, drop down list configuration and account management.

Audit Trail

  • Tracks both user and administrator actions.
  • Fully secure and protected.
  • Audit Trail of user logins, logouts, invalid Attempts, password changes and lockouts.

ICAM Security

  • Enforces login requirements.
  • Enforces minimum length and composition of passwords.
  • Allows configuration of users and passwords.
  • Transactional safeguards lockout users after configurable number of attempts and notifies administrators.